About Us

Who are we

While every startup in Bangalore has taken the stride to change the course of commerce and trade globally, can Business-Advisers remain far behind to make it real?


Entrepreneurial courage has set the initial business idea rolling. Courage needs reaffirmation over time and newer challenges. to emboldened itself. Backing based on insights and experience of industry hardened experts can give the magical result your courageous vision.


We do exactly what is required to support your vision, your idea, and your business, making you confident to pass the uncharted terrain of innovations.

You Win – We Win!

Origin Of Vpointers

V’ is for Void in C-Language. The Void in C can take any element into its ambit, so can we, to point and empower by adopting, adapting and delivering to your goals.


Be it a Startups, Small, Medium or Large Business, our expertise is to quickly understand you, your products, your customers and your market. So that we quickly become your valued team-player.


A Vpointers can be meaningful only when filled with users expectations.
So is Vpointer Tech!

Our Team

The team consists of a handful of diverse people from Business-Planning, IT, Advertising, PR, Filmmaking & Marketing backgrounds. Each has groomed their individual set of startups and small entrepreneurs before teaming up to integrate the services under one roof.


The credit to unite and unify those offerings goes to Pramod Pal. Pramod is at the nerve of startup counseling in  IT district, Whitefield, of Bangalore. He is a professional who worked in IT industry and founded Jupiter Vidya . He has also groomed professionals toward better coding & Tech counseling. His students are placed in Accenture, Infosys, Flipkart, TCS, Wipro, Tech Mahindra among other. Quite a few have set on to build their own startup.


Pramod is the ace Digital Marketing person, who has a strong acumen for clients need. He is a great listener, therefore endowed with the power to figure out specific problems in client’s business. He is also very approachable.


The success formulas are designed by reclusive Prithviraj. He is the lead strategist, with the background in handling award-winning campaigns in Social Media and Advertising while working with global brands in Automobiles, Lifestyle, Retail, Healthcare, FMCG & OTT-tech.


As a team, we want to be behind you.

We would love to talk to anyone we think they are change agents from Koramangala of Bangalore to San Marcos of Austin.

“We shine through your success!”

Reach out to Pramod directly at:

Call at: +91 6361292181

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For more info email: info@vpointers.com


For technical support email: support@vpointers.com

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