As per Peter Drucker - the revered Father of Management - there are two things that bring cash to a company. The first being 'Innovation', the second 'Marketing'.   With Innovation not being an easy to come by as it is being told, Marketing remain the other secret sauce to grow your business.   Quite often, Marketing is seen as cash burner, by many business owners, so they let...

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Humans are visual creatures. We have a reach visual memory that we fall back upon while we encounter a new situation. We tend to may the new with the old and derive meaning out of it. When the meaning is favourable we tend to happy feelings, when not we feel the opposite set of emotions.   With the suitable emotion evoked in a prospective consumer, it is always...

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  Sustenance is the name of the Start-up game!   Yes! it is hard to believe so may ideas fail not for the quality, but they fail to the sustenance level of operation.   Sustenance often comes when the market side crosses the critical mass.  The critical mass is not a small set of Niche customers, rather a wide range of small clusters who are not to adopt the innovative product and services...

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