Digital Marketing for Startups


All conceivable business persons, over the last few years, are taking their enterprise onto digital platforms, as a duck takes to water.


Suddenly, there is so much rush for Digital Marketing.


Online presence is now a basic criteria for all Start-ups including established business. However, the struggle for a Startup is the strength of the financial muscle.


Therefore the way Digital Marketing has to be implemented is completely different from that of an established business.


While a profitable venture can take a huge risk in doing the costly website & app, and then making good investment on paid advertisements, startups can hardly dream so.


Does the market belong the biggies only?


Fortunately, not anymore!


The advent of Digital Marketing and more importantly, the way it can be man0uvered to advantage has taken out the competitive advantage of big players.


Think of AirBnb, Dollar Shave Club, Khan Academy they have proved how they can harness the power of Digital Marketing immensely creatively to position and spread the idea to challenge the biggies in real time.


What they essentially did was that they used the viral power of the medium, made happy customers talk on their behalf, and be present at the right time proposing the correct value.


But what is Right?


Yes! it is very subjective.


A well experienced Digital Marketer can quite easily suggest the best mix of media, monies, creative & tech to balance and project the outcome with the level of marketing investment by the startup.


Go ahead and take the advantage of both paid & organic growth of your start-up venture through Digital Marketing.






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